Sewing for Children

As a young child I learned to sew from my mother and grandma.

My first job out of Art College was as an illustrator mascot and costume builder. A few years ago I was asked by the local High School to make the Beauty and Beast costumes for the musical theatre production. When all my art students witnessed the crazy sewing and costume building fun they wanted to learn. So, I created a sewing arts programme.

The sewing class focus is on hand sewing as well as machine sewing.

  • Quilting

CLASS REGISTRATION BEGINS MAY 1st for New Students (ages 8 & up) !

Sewing classes are held in sessions, on Pro-D Days and weekends.

In September a project list will be posted on the website for registration.

Space for each class is limited to 5 students per class.


Stephanie Ann Studios

604 510 2099